Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a Horta ...

She is the mother of her race ! I found this smiling Horta on Earth, 66° 10 ' N 23° 20' W on Bolafjall.
As you can see, she wasn't making any hostile move and as a very logical creature, she decided to allow me to take this exclusive portrait.
No better place to be for a silicon-based life form ! No better place to explore for us ...going, where no photographer has gone before...
(well, at least, it was a yellow-dotted road...)


  1. Thank you Daniela. Your first post! And now I know what a Horta is... (For those who, like me, are unintiated into the world of Hortas, I offer this reference:

  2. Plenty of rocks for it to eat in Iceland, eh? What if it mistakes other Hortas for rocks? Would that be cannibalism?