Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Google Earth image of the northwest fjords area

This is the google earth image of the area where we will be traveling. The higher areas are obvious from the snow and glaciers that exist on the surface year-round.

For those of you who read the earlier version of this post, I decided to fix the rotation issue with this satellite image, and also tart it up a bit and add a red arrow showing the rough path the ferry will take as it transports us to the northwest peninsula.

Northwest Fjords - Iceland Sept 2009

This is the first post for the northwest fjords Iceland trip to take place from September 1 through September 10, 2009. The trip is organized by North Light Press Workshops, a company owned by Bill Schwab.

The northwest fjords area is a wild, relatively road-free area (like most of Iceland) characterized by deep fjords cut by glaciers into the young volcanic rock from which Iceland is formed. Both the rock and the glaciation in this area are very young in geologic terms. The last major glacial event ended 20,000 years ago and some of the volcanic rock on the surface in Iceland is even younger than that. Incredible!