Monday, September 28, 2009


Today's weather here in west Michigan is something to warm an Icelander's heart: 35 to 50 mph winds, 12 foot waves on Lake Michigan, and horizontal rain. So I channeled it into the darkroom (metaphorically, that is) to work on this print that I have been aching to get to.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

A small waterfall at the base of Dynjandi Falls

This small waterfall caught my eye before I climbed to the top of Dynjandi Falls. I was visualising the image and how it would look all the way to the top of the falls and back down again. This is a scan and I hope the print is better.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apologies to Deep Purple

I think the name of "this Place" is "Dykes On The Water, And Fire In The Sky". You'll hopefully remember that Clay helpfully explained that the rock formations were created from a dike (a flow of lava that fills a vertical crack).

Just in case you need the song reference, see here:
Tidal channel at the fjord to the south of Isafjordur. Really can't think of anything too funny to say about this.

Rocks water and sky.

Hell, I almost nodded off on my keyboard just now.

It's that soothing. Have some wine. And some nice Humboldt Fog cheese. And sure, the crackers are organic. The wheat is crushed only by millers who read the Daily Kos. Can you believe those people with the guns? And the mis-spelled signs? Oh my.

Lonely Rocinante

Our trusty steed seems so alone with all of us lost in the landscape.

The other half of the wreck on the Reykjanes peninsular

The other half of the wrek is close by..... That was some storm.

Anyone Know the Name of this Place?

From our very first night of shooting... way back. It is great to relive this trip every day through my film and files! Anyone know the name of this place? I've been calling it the "Lava Spine". I'll be needing something better than that!
I'll have to dig out the maps.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wreck on the Reykjanes peninsular

Me, Tim and Daniela had a few extra days exploring the Reykjanes peninsular. This wreck was beached 50 yards in land in 2 parts.

I think it would be good to explore when we go back.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Making My Own Tripod Holes

This was the view that I found from the other side of Dynjandi. It is not my favorite photograph from the trip, but for another reason had to be the first one that I printed.

Hut Up

Hard to have much unique to say about a hut. But here's my digital effort... (Film will need to wait awhile.)

What the Hut???

After all our excitement. It's just a hut. Anyone else want to post their hut?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I think the most consistent, possibly useful series of like minded photos I returned with are these minimalist seascapes. I like them, at least right now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is looking north from the lighthouse area on the westernmost peninsula we visited.

Inside the herring factory tanks

We all had sort of constrained shooting in these tanks with the only access being via a 2x2 foot hatch at ground level. Beautiful light inside, however.

While Up on Dynjandi...

Finally through all my film and finding several new hopefuls. One of my new favs is this detail of Dynjandi. What an amazing place to put a waterfall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Channeling Kawano...

What's next?


Roger, Bill, Tim, Dan, Clay

Hey, I thought we were supposed to take pictures of the landscape?!?

(photos of Sandy and John by Roger)

Black and white... in color

Yet more...

You've seen the Rasta quality of the Icelandic horse. Here you can see its quiet majesty.

More Critters

Not all critters walk on four feet...


Iceland is home to few native mammals, but many animals, some native, others that have merely lived there for centuries. In this case we're talking about the latter...

John, Roger and Dan

Tim, Daniela and Bill

These are some pictures of some of the group taken with my homemade lens on the Hasselblad.

And more

etc etc


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