Friday, September 4, 2009

Our leader

I am sure there is a lot of latent interest out there in the blog-reading world about what sort of person would have the steady nerves, the sang-froid, the penetrating intellect and superhuman bravery to lead a trip with nine strangers on a photo expedition to Iceland. Well, the picture at the left shows some of the characteristics that this heretofore fictional superman might possess.

Actually, it really only shows what Bill might look like if someone in the group had an iPhone and the Mulletizer app loaded onto it. For instance.

Just in the interest of full disclosure, that is the world famous Jheri-mull hairdo that we have equipped him with. He does not actually own a dog that looks like this, nor does he smoke. But it nicely illustrates, I think, the sheer power of digital photography to fundamentally change our understanding of the world. Or something.

The actual beer shown in the picture is also fake. The Mulletizer app is woefully behind the curve and does not have the the ability to add Iceland beers such as Gull or Viking. Which makes this aspect of the picture only quasi-fictional.

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